Who Are LooseBeats?

LooseBeats Productions provide affordable, yet professional royalty free beats for artists seeking a soulful, authentic backdrop to compliment their lyricism, or companies searching for high-quality instrumentals to help emphasise the impact of a promotional video.

LooseBeats was formed in 2013 by producer Joe Davies. Based in Sheffield, United Kingdom, he has produced for many artists both locally and internationally, gaining a reputation for a high standard of instrumentals involving composed and sampled material.

The site will be constantly updated and my approach to the process of production revolves around maintaining consistency, to eliminate the possible problem of releasing instrumentals that aren’t up to the same standards as the others.

It should be said that although this is a business, I am hopeful of connecting with many different kinds of artists with the aim of doing further work in the future. Also, tracks made using my instrumentals will get heard and critiqued by myself if you send me the finished track by e-mail, thus creating a level of personal interaction between LooseBeats and my customers.

LooseBeats looks forward to working with you!

Here’s an example of a project of mine: